(Heath Reimbursement Arrangement)

If you don’t have the risk appetite or think you’re too small for Partially Self-Funded, maybe you should explore a HRA with a high(er) Deductible Fully Insured Plan. The premise is this: plans with relatively low deductibles for high expense items 

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Fully Insured or Partially Self-Funded

 Whether to purchase Fully Insured or Partially Self-Funded health insurance can be a tough decision, especially if you have no likelihood of your exposure. If you decide that you should go the Partially Self-Funded 

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​​PremiumAnalysis, Inc.



 To help take the mystery out of PPACA (Obamacare), we have developed an incredibly powerful proprietary analytical tool that quantifies an Employer's financial impact with probabilities, does what-ifs and a lot more. It utilizes Monte Carlo simulation 

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premium analysis self funded health insurance, monte carlo method




Math Trivia:  For 10 years you deposit $10,000 each year invested in Scenario A or B. Which scenario will have the higher ending balance?
                          Scenario A: A variable, fluctuating rate of return that averages 7.2%
                          Scenario B: A fixed rate of return of 4.72%
The answer: By a whisker, is Scenario B. Sign up for a Webex if you have trouble believing this… you won’t be the first!

Our value proposition is pretty simple:

We want to help you make better business decisions on your health insurance purchases. We think almost everything should be mathematically analyzed, especially health insurance. That’s why we’re named Premium Analysis and we help you make the right decisions for the right reasons. No guesstimates here about funding your health insurance. Just solid math.Decisions based not just on intuition but also on quantifiable numbers and with likelihood of outcomes. In other words, less guessing on one of your largest buying decisions!

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Health Plan

Selection Tool

 If you’ve ever had to make a purchase decision between a PPO/HMO or a High Deductible health insurance plan, you’d really appreciate this tool which is Employer specific. You make some very simple entries about your usage

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Our Advantages & Featured Services

We simplify and quantify risk/rewards of health insurance funding decisions.

We level the playing field. We quantify scenarios to reduce health insurance funding costs.

We utilize Monte Carlo Simulation to quantify the risk/rewards of Self-Funded health insurance.

We know the odds!

Use Optimization software to assess the most cost effective Stop Loss coverage to protect your plan.

We simplify and quantify risk/rewards of health insurance funding decisions. 

We will work with, not against your current broker.