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premium analysis self funded health insurance, monte carlo method

Thanks for visiting our site and considering Premium Analysis, Inc. to help you more efficiently utilize your health insurance dollars.  When we do meet, you will learn that we bring an entirely different skill-set to the table.

A little background about myself: For 20 years I worked in the Home Office of three major insurance carriers, CIGNA, Berkshire Life (now part of Guardian) and MassMutual. While an employee I receive the FLMI designation (Fellow, Life Management Institute) with a specialization in Claims Administration. I have a BBA and MBA from Western New England University.

At Premium Analysis we firmly believe that when you’re spending literally millions of dollars annually on your insurance programs you should have sophisticated analytical tools at your disposal to know, not guess, if those dollars are being efficiently utilized. Some of those tools include Monte Carlo Simulation software (to give you probabilities of outcomes) and Optimization software to find the optimal utilization. Two examples: To know whether or not self-funding your health insurance makes sense, you should know the likelihood (probability) of various outcomes. Do you ? If you’re already self-funding do you have the optimal amounts and types of stop loss insurance?

 High tech with high touch. Better analytics for better decisions. Why settle for less? Give us a call… what do you have lose?


Provide you with mathematical tools to make better business decisions, about your health insurance.

Quantify risk/reward scenarios for better health insurance renewals.

Help you find, through mathematical tools, ways to save money on your health insurance.

Help you find, through mathematical tools, ways to mitigate your vicious health insurance cost increases

Mathematically justify changing funding methods for your health insurance.



We will ask some basic questions about your health insurance finances
We use that information to run a statistical analysis of your health insurance plan
We provide results via our website, telephonically or through your broker

Feedback from Insurance Brokers and employers indicates there is a strong need for additional information. Information that would help you make educated decisions about health insurance funding. Educate yourself and contact us today (413-732-2888) or click request an appointment to arrange a web demonstration that will take only six minutes


  Premium Analysis, Inc.

Premium Analysis was established to provide insurance Brokers and purchasers of health insurance more information on the risk and rewards of their health insurance funding alternatives. We use state-of-the-art proprietary software to analyze your health insurance program. Our analysis provides information to help you decide if fully insuring or self -funding your health plan is best. If self-funded, our unique analysis provides you with probabilities of cost savings at different deductible levels versus a fully insured program. We are impartial. We have no vested interest in your funding decision. Our goal is to provide you with statistical information that will help you understand your funding options and make a more educated and informed decision. We do not make funding recommendations.  What separates us from the rest is our experience, software and commitment to staying current with the ever-changing health insurance coverage.


Ray Gianantoni, Owner & Founder of Premium Analysis. Inc.